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Skinny Blockers 3in1

Skinny Blockers 3in1

“Nothing tastes as Great as Skinny Feels”…

Contains 3 Powerful and Effective ingredients

1. Appetite Suppressant

Glucomannan Proven to help you EAT LESS! Glucomannan is the most powerful hunger reducers available! What makes it so amazing? Glucomannan absorbs up to 200 times its weight in water and helps your stomach feel full tricking your mind into thinking that you do not need to eat any food! In order to maximize the effects of glucomannan, it is essential that you drink the amount of water specified on the bottle.

2. Fat Blocker

 Chitosan – Known as the ‘Fat Attractor’ in the scientific community, Chitosan is a natural fiber that binds itself to fat. This action causes your body to not absorb the fats you eat.

3. Carb Blocker

Phaseolus Vulgaris – White Kidney Bean extract has been shown to effectively prevent the body from absorbing those unwanted starches and starch calories. Phaseolus is one of the most powerful yet safe carb blockers available. Now you may have your cake and eat it too! The starchy carbohydrate calories phaseolus vulgaris may block include pastas, breads, pastries, donuts, etc.

Best of all it is Stimulant Free


Used on those occasions when you cheat on your Diet!

All our Skinny Noodle customers love them

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