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Buy Weight Loss Noodles Online

Gluten free carbohydrate alternative noodles you’ll love

Welcome to Skinny Noodles, Australia’s leading retailer of Shirataki noodles online. We are an Australian health and weight loss business providing our customers with an alternative, easy and convenient way to access a variety of quality products that offer the ease to achieve and maintain their dream body.


Shirataki noodles (also known as Konjac or Konnyaku noodles) provide a gluten free, low calorie low carbohydrate alternative to the likes of pasta and rice. The glucomannan, a natural thickening agent found in Shirataki noodles, aids weight loss by curbing your appetite and absorbing water in the digestive tract which in turn minimises the absorption of carbs. Once you’ve seen and felt the benefits of glucomannan noodles, you’ll never look back!


To enjoy one of the leading gluten free products available online in Australia, be sure to buy your Shirataki noodles from Skinny Noodles. All prices include GST and purchases are sent via Australian parcel post with tracking for your security. Feel free to contact us at any time regarding anything. Thanks for visiting our site.